Donation Information


Best Gaming Server is a 100% FREE TO PLAY server. You do NOT need to make donations in order for you to play here! However, donations to the server are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Best Gaming Server's aim is to provide our players the best gaming experience possible and aligned to this, we do not spare any expense when it comes to the server's overall quality (high-end dedicated server, purchase of upgrades and protection, etc).

Thus, all proceeds from donations will be used to cover the costs of running the server including hosting fees, developer fees, maintenance, server updates, feature updates, sprites purchases, etc.

With these said, all donors will be getting Proof of Donation tickets as our token of appreciation! POD tickets can be used ingame to further enhance our donors' gaming experience!

Thank you for your support!


Donation Policy


Free Will

As stated above, donations are NOT required to play in the server. All donations are VOLUNTARY and done under FREE WILL.

Information Accuracy

All information provided to us in the process of donations should be ACCURATE, REAL, and UPDATED.

Information Privacy

All information used in the process of donations is held in confidentiality.

Rejection of Donations

Best Gaming Server reserves the right to reject donations transactions if there are beyond a reasonable doubt that the information provided is false, fraudulent or inaccurate.


All donations, regardless of the amount, and benefits of donations are non-refundable.

Donor Immunity

Donors will NOT be immune to the server's regulations and the corresponding sanctions.

Special Privileges

Donors will NOT be entitled to any special treatment from the server.

Lost Donation Tickets/Items

Best Gaming Server is not liable for any loss of donation tickets or items regardless of reason.


By donating to the server, you agree to the statements above.


We accept donations through the following payment systems:
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Gcash
  • For Donation instructions, please proceed to BEST Gaming Server's Discord!