Server Information

Disclaimer: All info here holds true only in the beginning of the server. Further changes will be posted in Discord. Please join our discord to be updated.

Server Rates

Base EXP Rate 30x
Job EXP Rate 30x
Normal Drops 3x
Normal Cards 3x
MVP Drops 1x
MVP Cards Removed

Basic Information

Note: Progressive Episodes

Starting Episode 5.0 Yuno
Maps and Mobs 5.0 Yuno
Base & Job 99/50
Max ASPD 190
Max Stats 99
Mode Pre-Renewal

Additional Information

Max Clients 2
Vending Tax 5%
Party-level gap 15
MVP Monsters HP buffed by 5x
Dex to No Cast 150
Bank/RO Dex Disabled
Greed Quest Disabled
Android/Mobile Disabled
Autotrade Disabled
Autoattack Disabled
Hylozoist Card Disabled
Blazzer Card Disabled
Cloud Hermit Card Disabled
Shinobi Card Disabled in PVP/GVG maps
Anubis Removed
Ygg Berry/Seed Disabled in PVP/GVG maps
Level 4 Weapon Quests Temporarily disabled
Poopoo Hat Removed as mob drop, OBB and OPB, acquirable via City of Dreams Casino
Glove[1] Removed as mob drop, OBB and OPB, acquirable via Quest
Apple o' Archer Removed as mob drop, OBB and OPB, acquirable via Quest

Server Features

Note: Some features will be added moving forward

  • Professional and Experienced Event GM Team
  • Tested and Unbiased Admin Team
  • Highly-trained Customer Support
  • Daily Events, both automated and GM-hosted events
  • Town Warper with fee
  • Healer with fee
  • Gepard 3.0
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Balanced Donation Items, Equips and Costumes
  • Balanced headgears
  • Fair headgear quests
  • Server is designed for the long term
  • Fun events such as DOTA Battlegrounds and Hunger Games

Privilege Feature

Note: Available in-game

  • BONUS Base EXP Rate: 10%
  • BONUS Job EXP Rate: 10%
  • BONUS Drop Rate: 20%
  • BONUS Kafra Storage: +300
  • BONUS Character Slots: +6 (If your Privilege ends, you can still access your characters)
  • BONUS Consecutive Hourly points
  • @moa, @spwarp, @phwarp command access
  • Penthouse map access
  • Daily Privilege Rewards: Bonus supplies
  • Free Healer with Buffs
  • Repair/Identify items via Healer NPC
  • Access to Privilege Broadcaster
  • More to come!

Major Events

Note: All events are supervised by our GM team

BGS No1 PK Enter the PvP ladder and have a showdown with other contenders at the end of every season, champion needs to defend the crown next season
BGS Master Warlords 7v7/9v9 Monthly Championships in which the champion team needs to defend their crown next season
BGS Guild of the Month Guilds battle it out in the WOE agit scoring and GVG Main event
BGS King of Jobs Players with the same job battle it out against other players
BGS Skirmish Series Have a chance to participate and a medium-to-large-scale GvG or PvP event. No prerequisites to be qualified to join but to register.
BGS Fantasy League Participate in a large scale, GOTM-like event but with randomized teammates!

Other Events

  • Dota Battlegrounds
  • Hunger Games
  • War of Emperium
  • Quarterly Alchemist Ranking rewards, resets after 3 months
  • Quarterly Blacksmith Ranking rewards, resets after 3 months
  • Emperium breaker ladder
  • Job showdowns
  • Team showdowns
  • Many other Unique and Daily Events

Exciting Okada CASINO

Feeling lucky? Test your luck in our very own City of Dreams Casino!

  • Lottery NPCs
  • Roulette NPCs
  • Black Jack Dealer
  • Gacha NPCs
  • and many more!

Custom NPCs

Note: Mall of Asia contains all essential NPCs

  • Guild recruitment NPC
  • Daily Supplies NPC
  • Hourly points Shop
  • POD Shop
  • Quest Shop
  • Gympass NPC
  • Coin Trader system (Transaction currency)
  • Job Master NPC (disabled manual job changer)
  • Reskill/Restat NPC
  • Stylist NPC
  • MVP Quest Headgears
  • Penthouse Warper
  • and many more!

Skill Modifications

Note: additional changes/revisions will be implemented as needed

Icewall Disabled in Savepoints and MVP maps
Warp Portal Disabled in PVP Maps
Abracadabra Disabled
Steal Coin Max level set to level 4
Extremity Fist 3 seconds cooldown
Magnum Break 2 seconds cooldown
Bowling Bash 500ms cooldown
Arrow Shower 500ms minimum delay
Blitz Beat 300ms minimum delay
Most Skills hard delay coding implemented

Guild Information

Note: Guild cap may be adjusted depending on the Guild of the Month season.

Guildcap 30
Guild Alliance 0

WOE-related Details

Note: additional changes/revisions will be implemented as needed

Guild Leader cannot be modified during the WOE session
Guild Emblem cannot be modified during the WOE session
Land Protector Outer cells are fixed, does not remove previously-casted AOE skills
Traps Does not target allies, relocable
Quagmire Does not target allies
Provoke Official, No friendly-fire
Body Relocation Official, can be used while Ankle Snared

Mob/Loot price Changes

Elunium/Oridecon changed drops from most mobs to their rough counterparts
Stilletto From 9750 to 3000
Stilletto From 9750 to 3000
Royal jelly from 3500 to 2500
Cheese from 1400 to 800
Flail from 8000 to 5000
Mastela from 4250 to 2000
Rough Wind from 1500 to 500
Mystic Frozen from 1500 to 500
Flame Heart from 1500 to 500
Great Nature from 1500 to 500
Wind of Verdure from 500 to 100
Crystal Blue from 500 to 100
Red Blood from 500 to 100
Green Live from 500 to 100
Piece of Cake from 1500 to 950
Pearl from 3000 to 2000
Witherless rose from 27000 to 15000
Undershirt from 10000 to 3000
Ragamuffin Manteau from 28000 to 3000
Topaz from 3000 to 1500
1 carat Diamond from 5000 to 1500
Oridecon Hammer from 2500 to 1800
Munak Doll from 4450 to 3000
Star Crumb from 2250 to 1500
3 carat Diamond from 27500 to 15000
Blue Potion from 2500 to 100
Lava from 554 to 400
Burning Heart from 462 to 300
Live Coal from 319 to 230
Horseshoe from 411 to 300
Little Evil Wing from 1000 to 700
Dragon Canine from 242 to 150
Dragon Scale from 250 to 150
Dragon Tail from 600 to 400
Dragon Skin from 512 to 400
Burning Hair from 487 to 350

   Other changes will be implemented moving forward as needed.

Ring[1] decreased droprate from Orc Lord/SK to 1%
Dragon Fly decreased droprate of Clip
Red Plant Removed most drops
Green Plant Removed most drops
Yellow Plant Removed most drops
White Plant Removed most drops
Shining Plant Removed most drops
Black Mushroom Removed most drops
Red Mushroom Removed most drops

   Other changes will be implemented moving forward as needed.

Refinement Details

Refinement Fees

Type Cost Material Cost
Armor 50,000 Elunium
Level 1 Weapons 20,000 Oridecon
Level 2 Weapons 30,000 Oridecon
Level 3 Weapons 40,000 Oridecon
Level 4 Weapons 50,000 Oridecon


Refine Normal Rates BGS Rates
+5 60 55
+6 4040
+7 4035
+8 2020
+9 2015
+10 96

Level 1 Weapon

Refine Normal Rates BGS Rates
+8 6055
+9 4035
+10 1915

Level 2 Weapon

Refine Normal Rates BGS Rates
+7 6055
+8 4040
+9 2015
+10 1915

Level 3 Weapon

Refine Normal Rates BGS Rates
+6 6060
+7 5050
+8 2020
+9 2015
+10 1915

Level 4 Weapon

Refine Normal Rates BEST Rates
+5 6055
+6 4040
+7 4035
+8 2020
+9 2015
+10 95

   Other changes will be implemented moving forward as needed.